Skinner Middle School

Skinner Middle School adopted restorative practices in 2006 as part of the pilot initiative in Denver Public Schools. 
A decade later, restorative practices have changed from an intervention used when students are “in trouble” to a mindset applied to everything from staff meetings to student celebrations. Skinner is often looked to as a leader in restorative practices, however they work continuously to strengthen their practices with all stakeholders: families, students, staff and community members. Skinner is also navigating some unique challenges. The success of implementation, among other factors, has meant enrollment has almost doubled. As the Northwest side of Denver continues to gentrify, student demographics are shifting rapidly. In the 2017-2018 school year, Skinner served 608 students: 65% were students of color, 52% received free or reduced lunch, 22% were English Language Learners, and 15% received Special Education services. If you are looking to see a school with advanced implementation that still works to refine its school culture, sign up for a visit to Skinner Middle School.

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