First…Restorative Justice, Then…Everything Else

While implementing restorative justice, many educators ask the question of how to (or not) align other school-based initiatives. The Restorative Justice Partnership is pleased to offer the following opportunity to learn how one school is successfully acknowledging and working through these questions.

During this presentation, administrators and staff from Howard County Public School System’s Swansfield Elementary School, will detail the journey they’ve taken on their road to whole-school restorative justice implementation, including how they address the tension between restorative justice and other school-based initiatives, like PBIS.

We are offering two opportunities (9:15am-1045am and 6pm-7:30pm) on Monday, November 8, 2021 for this 90 presentation, with time for questions and answers. An invitation will be sent to you upon registration. These
presentations will not be recorded.