North High School

North High School adopted restorative practices in 2006 as part of the pilot initiative in Denver Public Schools. Throughout its 12 years of implementation, North has moved from a school on turnaround status to the coveted Green School rating, transforming student attendance, student achievement, and other indicators of success. Like many high schools implementing restorative practices, the North Vikings are working to prioritize restorative interventions while balancing the reality that students are entering adulthood as they venture out of, and sometimes before the leave, the halls of North High School. In the 2017-2018 school year, North served 1,115 students: 88% were students of color, 77% were low-income, 38% were English Language Learners, and 27% had disabilities. If you are looking to see a school with the strong foundations of restorative culture, but still working to empower youth to lead the work, sign up for a visit to North High School.

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