Dora Moore Middle School

Dora Moore ECE-8 School is entering their fourth year of restorative practices implementation. Having been a part of the Partnership for the last school year in a “mentee” role, they are ready and eager to showcase the unique aspects of their implementation process at this critical stage in development. Restorative practices are part of the everyday culture at Dora Moors and their implementation team is continually refining their approach. Each classroom is provided with a “Peace Path” to assist students in facilitating their own restorative conversations, and this year the PTSA is outfitting a brand new “Peace Room” dedicated to restorative practices. Dora Moore serves an extremely diverse population, with almost 20% of students experiencing homelessness or in transitional housing. In the 2017-2018 school year, Dora Moore served 344 students: 73% were students of color, 74% received free or reduced lunch, 18% were English language learners, and 11% received Special Education Services. If you want to see a school building their restorative culture and exploring innovative implementation strategies, sign up for a visit to Dora Moore.

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