About Us

The Denver School-Based Restorative Practices Partnership (DSBRPP) is a coalition of racial justice, education, labor, and community groups working to ensure widespread and high quality implementation of restorative practices (RP) both in Denver and across the country.


The DSRPP is dedicated to ending the school-to-prison pipeline that is perpetuated by zero-tolerance policies and exclusionary discipline practices such as suspensions, expulsions, and the use of police in schools. These ineffective practices, which disengage students and can lead to imprisonment or dropping out, impact youth of color far more than their white peers.


By involving stakeholders at every level—students, families, educators, administrators, and the district—this Partnership hopes to support the implementation of restorative practices in schools nationwide. This collaborative model ensures sustainability of restorative practices, which teach conflict-resolution and social-emotional skills to both students and adults, for years to come.


The Denver School-Based Restorative Practices Partnership is a coalition that includes Advancement Project, Denver Classroom Teachers Association, Denver Public Schools, National Education Association, and Padres & Jóvenes Unidos.

Each of our demonstration sites is in a unique stage of implementation. Select a school to better understand what you would experience on a tour.

It is the passionate students, families, and educators working to end the school-to-prison pipeline that will bring this movement to life. Every interaction that is backed by the training and guidance of restorative practices can transform school climate and make an impact on the lives of students affected by traditional, punitive discipline policies.